Adalina Winifred Nakku Lubogo

August  24th, 1933 May  25th, 2024
Lukuli, Makindye
Adalina Winifred Nakku Lubogo

Mwanyinaze | Mama | Senga | Jajja | Mukwano

The People Collector 

Beautiful Beginnings

Adalina Winifred Nakku Lubogo was born to Taata Daniel Kawesa and Alice Deezi (Daisy) Nansikombi Kawesa on 24th August 1933. She was the second child born to her parents. Last year, she celebrated 90 years with family and friends at two colourful functions. She was at her best; cheerful, healthy and bright.

Adalina was afflicted with whooping cough when her mother was pregnant with her brother, Fredrick Kawesa, who Adalina affectionately referred to as “little bro”. Four-year-old Adalina then went to live with her paternal uncle, Taata Walusimbi and his wife, Maama Ekiriya (Claire) her “second” parents. This stay became permanent.

Growing up in the Walusimbi home with her cousins, Catherine, Alice, Eclas Ssenoga, Marjorie, Sam, Eva Namisango, Nankya and later, her brother Fred., Adalina enjoyed a happy childhood showered with love and care. She was raised in a nurturing environment that left a lasting impact. The Walusimbi’s instilled in her the values of love, community, family and hard work, which have defined her throughout her life.
A family filled with love

Adalina met her husband, William Wilberforce Lubogo (RIP), at a party celebrating Uganda's Independence in 1962 and got married on 4th January 1964. They had two children Ivan and Dorothy (RIP). Although William passed away eight short years later, she fondly remembered him as a loving and supportive husband and provider. Dorothy was a very calm, gentle girl who had many friends, and followed in the footsteps of her mother by joining Gayaza High School for her secondary education.

Ivan has been the candle in Adalina’s life. He has consistently showered her with love, care, support and ensured that she lacked for nothing. She has also shared a very strong and loving bond with her grandchild (Ivan’s daughter), Sanyu, with whom she was planning a kwanjula ceremony which was to take place in Lukuli, this August, to coincide with her grandmother’s birthday. Adalina has been excitedly working on beautifying the garden and looking forward to a colourful function.

Adalina was born into a large extended family, that was always a source of joy. By the time of her passing, she was the matriarch that instilled values of virtue, honor, unity, and positivity in the family.

She had hordes of friends from all walks of life who became family. To her, family extended far beyond the traditional confines.

A wealth of relationships

Adalina treasured relationships over material wealth. Her warmth and generosity earned her a diverse 'collection' of people, including family, friends, neighbours, and community members. This inclination towards nurturing relationships was influenced by her early childhood experiences with her supportive family. One particular treasured friendship was with the Late Catherine Kisumba, Adalina’s cousin who was a constant presence in her life until her (Catherine’s) death in 2018. Their bond, formed in childhood, continued through their adult lives, offering mutual support through life's ebbs and flows.

A Rich Menu of Schools

Adalina’s education began at Mengo Girls’ School and continued at Gayaza Primary and later Gayaza High School. It was at Gayaza High School where she learned important life lessons beyond academics, such as prayer, sharing, kindness and empathy, home making, and leadership. Gayaza is also where she was encouraged to explore her artistic talent. She was so grateful for this gift that last year, she requested that the collections made during the Thanksgiving service on her 90th birthday be donated to the Gayaza High School Art Room. After Gayaza, she pursued Fine Art at Makerere University, earning first a Certificate in Fine Art, followed by a Certificate in Education.

Adalina’s Professional Pursuits

After Makerere University, Adalina went on to teach Art at Gayaza High School and later, Lubiri Secondary School. She was later appointed a director for Nommo Gallery where she ensured that works of local artists were always exhibited. She was also an active member of the Crafts Section of the International Women’s Organisation.

Adalina’s Leisure Interests

• Gardening: Adalina loved gardening, tending to a variety of plants herself and sharing seedlings and plant knowledge with visitors. Her garden is a testament to her generosity and love for nature.

• Pets: Adalina had a close relationship with her pets, including dogs Digida, Snowy, and Yogi, and a cat named Lulu. They provided her with companionship and were an integral part of her home.

• Art: As an artist, Adalina created unique art pieces and has been instrumental in promoting local artists through her work at Nommo Gallery and other initiatives.

• Volunteering: She actively volunteered at the Kampala School for the Physically Handicapped where she taught crafts-making to the children.

Adalina and her Community

In whichever community Adalina lived, she always played an active role: When she lived in Bunamwaya, she established the Bunamwaya Mother-to-Mother group that made crafts from local materials such as banana fibres, papyrus and palm leaves. The members mostly sold their pieces to the International Women’s Organisation. Adalina also helped the women set up a popular weekly market where they would sell each other their extra garden produce to each other.

When she moved to Makindye, Lukuli, her home at the time of her passing, she set up another women’s group, the Makindye Mother-to-Mother group that regularly met in her kitchen to weave baskets. Driven by her need to share with others and to spread goodness among people, Adalina also ran children’s art classes at her home.

In addition, she and her friends the MacMinns, an expatriate couple, and several other members of the community established Hope Clinic in Lukuli, Nanganda. The facility started humbly with very rudimentary equipment and offered limited services. It was later supported by the International Women’s Organisation and, almost 25 years later, it stands as a great service to the community.

Her passion for uplifting the welfare of the underprivileged in the community won her accolades, including a Vocational award from the Rotary Club of Kampala Central, in recognition of her volunteer work with the students and staff of the Kampala School for the Physically Handicapped, which espoused the rotary values of service above self.

Adalina’s life was a tapestry of love, resilience, and community, reflecting her profound impact on those around her. Her pragmatic and positive attitude towards life; her love for family and friends; her busy life; her hobbies all combined make up the person of Adalina. Through nurturing relationships and spreading warmth, she created a legacy of affection and unity. She left a positive mark on each life she touched and was many things to many people: a daughter, a sister, a mother, grandmother, a friend.

We are grateful for the wonderful life she lived and are blessed to have had her in our lives; our Matriach and ‘people collector’.

Fare thee well our lovely Ade; heaven has gained an Angel.


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June 20, 2024
It is shocking to lose our dear auntie Adelina, a fellow animal lover who gave us the parents of the dogs at home now (Lulu and Digida) and a great supporter of our wildlife conservation work. She arranged for me to speak at the International Womens Organization in Kampala when I was working at Uganda Wildlife Authority as their first veterinary doctor. Our friend, Colin Kabiswa sent us this photo at the book launch of my memoir. Walking With Gorillas on July 5th 2023 that Auntie Adelina attended. She was very excited and proud and was among the last to leave with my Mother, Maama Rhoda Kalema. They were so close that Maama travelled with Auntie Adelina on the pilgrimage to Israel a few years ago! We celebrated Auntie’s 90th birthday last year, and she was the last to leave her party. Auntie Adelina visited Maama Rhoda last week on Tuesday and insisted on having a photograph taken. We will really miss Auntie and so will so many people whose lives her selfless life has touched. She often asked me to send her our old clothes for the communities she supported. May dear Auntie Adelina rest in peace and power.

Gladys Nalubowa Kalema-Zikusoka, Lawrence, Ndhego and Tendo Zikusoka
Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka, Lawrence Ndhego Tendo
June 6, 2024
Yesterday, we buried Mrs. Adalina Kaweesa Lubogo at her late husband's ancestral home as she desired. Mourners came in droves to give her a befitting final send off. All her life she has been a friend of the young and the old.
She was many things to different people - all genuine and sincere.
Her energy was infectious as was her smile. Her service was selfless. She was among the few people who lived each day to transform the lives of others and herself without expecting any rewards from people.
Unknowingly to her, she became a beacon of love, hope, service and resilience.
She was the true portrait of a daughter, sister, friend, teacher, wife, mother and grandmother.
She did all these as a woman of God and then as a an old girl of GHS and a decent human being. She has left the world a better place than she found it.
I for one and a few of my peers have had the privilege to know her closely since she was the Patron of our our Brownies Club in Gayaza Primary School!
Discipline, honesty and integrity, loyalty, gratitude, punctuality, caring for one another, team work and inclusiveness have always been her badges of honour. No doubt they rubbed off to those she touched. I am very happy that she shaped us at that tender age!
As we mourn her passing, we are comforted by God who gave her to us and by knowing for sure that Mrs. Lubogo empowered all those she touched to go on comfortably without her. She made sure of that.
The values and principles she instilled in family members, friends and her students will remain our GPS.
Thank you most sincerely, Mrs. Lubogo for:
Showing us the meaning of loving God , ALL his people and Nature.
Giving to others without maiming them or taking away their dignity.
Wearing the apron of humility to serve others with joy and gratitude.
Staying useful and relevant in our communities as the years go by. Lifelong learners.
Having fun in life every day.
The treasure trove of memories that we have created together all these years, will keep you alive in our hearts.
May the angels in heaven receive you with a lot of joy and fanfare.
Dr. Jane Kavuma
June 2, 2024
To the family and friends of Adalina, we convey our sadness at her passing but also hold dear the many years we knew her, counted her among our earliest and dearest friends in Uganda. Guide to Clare and Philip as we arrived in Lukuli in 1996, honorary Jajja to Eloise and Ceria, and the source with Joyce Bbosa and Clare of the idea that became Hope Clinic Lukuli. A constant friend to us (McMinn Mitchell family) and we were so pleased to have spent days with her again in January 2024 with so many friends in her abundant Lukuli garden. Adalina lives on in her support to the handicapped, to the community and in every singing of the Gayaza Girls' anthem. All our love.
Philip McMinn Mitchell
June 2, 2024
Jaja Adalina. My only solace in your departure is that you left as you lived, with joy. Your home, your arms were always filled with such warmth and love. You went above and beyond to spread joy everywhere you went. There are so many memories I have of you, learning how to sew, how to make jewelry, chats and laughs on your verandah, playing in your garden. Every time I think of you, I remember those fondly. The best thing you ever did for me though was reuniting me with my Bubu after an absence of about a decade. I am so eternally grateful for the privilege of knowing you, being known by you and most of all experiencing your immeasurable love.
Olivia Bulyaba Nantege Kawuma
June 2, 2024
One of the things I remember most about Jajja Adalina from my childhood was that she would never let me be idle. She always encouraged me to use my hands and find something to do, and through that shared her love of crafts with me. I remember us sitting together at the table on her verandah, heads together pouring over beads and threads as she explained what each bead was made of and how I could use them, what thread to use to make different types of designs or necklaces and bracelets, what tools I would need to make my jewellery...the list goes on. She was one of the people who helped me tap into the creative side of me that I now take to work with me everyday, that I use in the kitchen and when I sit over my own basket of beads and try something new.
Jajja Ada, there's a lot you taught me and inspired me to do that I will not be able to share with you the way I've done for the last however many years. But your influence will live on in the people I have the privilege to teach just like you taught me, and I know you are proud of me because you never hesitated to tell me. You were loved, and you are missed, so much. Thank you for being who you were, to me and to so many other people.
I love you. Rest in peace 🙏🏽
Katalina Kawuma
June 1, 2024
Aunty Adelina you will be sorely missed but never forgotten. You have known me since I was a wee little one as we would get the transport to Kabale from your house in Kololo.

Thank you for your warmth, your smile and for the ability of making us feel so special around you. Still at a lose of words to encapsulate how you made us shine.

Thank you so much for the memories.

Rest in Peace 🙏🏼
Colin Kabiswa
June 1, 2024
Mamma Adalina, it is so hard to believe that you are gone from this world. You have loved us so wholeheartedly. We were always welcome to your home. You shared knowledge so freely. I am privileged to be one of her god children.

My mind is just flooded with memories, from birthday parties at her home, to tougher times when Dorothy was ill in Bristol, and I visited her with my sister Hansa, to various celebrations and visiting her at her home. Through all those, there were a few constants: Mamma Ada's smile, her love, her teasing, her generosity, her welcoming nature, her firmness and her compassion. She wanted to share her passion for art and there I was such a disappointment. My ability on that area is less than zero. My one saving grace is that my daughters, especially Katalina liked making jewellery and she was keen to pass on her knowledge to them. My last conversation with her was a discussion about Sanyu's upcoming kwanjula and a book of crafts she wanted to use for the craft lesson at the school of the handicapped.

In all my missing my god mother, I have hope that we will meet again.

Miriam Wambuzi Kawuma
Miriam Wambuzi Kawuma
June 1, 2024
Adelina was many things to me throughout my life. First, she was my teacher at Gayaza High School. Then she became senga wa baana when her brother, Fred Kawesa, married mukulu wange, the late Gertrude Kawesa. Together we have been actively involved in the Kawesa children’s lives since their mother passed away. Finally, she became a good friend of mine and my family. I always enjoyed spending time with her at her home, celebrating great milestones within the family.
Adelina has been the best senga you can think of and a loving and very involved jjaja. We will miss her greatly.
Rev. 14:13.
Florence Mabonga
June 1, 2024
What a treasure Jaja Lina is and will always be. A great woman and a phenomenal godmother to me. I will hold memories of her so close. Love you eternally! Bubu, Nicholas, Malachi and Noël ❤️
Catherine Kisumba
June 1, 2024
Tribute continued
More time, more laughs, more memories, more love, more moments where I could share my life with you. I admire your strong will, resilience and courage to keep going regardless of what life brought you. Thank you for sharing your heart, transparently and holistically. I can hear your voice as I write this “Bubu yogela mu luganda” as you always asked me to slow down when I was talking to much luzungu. You always made me laugh when you did that! Or even if I was just speaking in English too much you’d prompt me to remember my mother language and for that I say thank you! I know you’d adjust when you could see me struggling to get the grammar right and patiently listen to me speak in English. For that I say thank you Jaja.

A woman of valour, a woman of elegance, a woman of pride, a woman of exuberance, a woman’s woman and a woman of modesty. I salute you Jaja. Along with the other great women in our family who modelled femininity, I choose to embody your qualities in my journey. I know God is so delighted in your work here on earth because you obeyed Him. You never withheld blessing people. I’m sure the stories are endless. May the powerful imprint you’ve left, be multiplied across many families, mothers, women and people across the country. May it overpower all the counterfeits out there because the world needs women like you who truthfully know who God created them to be and who honour the value of family like you did. You are forever in my heart, I love you godmother and I will see you in eternity! Sleep peacefully until then.

Nkwagala nyo,
Catherine "Bubu" Kisumba
June 1, 2024
My dear Jaja Lina,
What an honour it is to be your goddaughter; your muzukulu. I’m eternally grateful that you accepted the offer and role of godmother from my parents. When I think of what that moment was probably like, all I can imagine and picture is you answering “yes” joyfully. The thought of you making a covenant with God back in 1993 along with my Ssenga and my parents brings me so much joy because you truly fulfilled your promise. The promise to encourage, uplift, guide, protect, affirm, empower, inspire, teach, unconditionally love and train a child in the way that they should go so that when they are old they do not depart from it. Thank you Jaja. I will never depart from it.

From as young as I can remember, you’ve always been so joyful and loving every time I would see you. Spending quality time with you is such a delight and in your presence there’s always a safe place. I remember visiting your home as a child, playing in your garden and with your pets. You treated me like a treasure. Consistently and gracefully pouring love into my heart. I watched you do the same with others, you nurtured everyone around you and embraced each one uniquely. I’m so glad that your friendship with Jaja Catherine, your best friend, lasted for over 80 years. She adored you so dearly. Thank you for giving me my amazing Uncle Ivan whom whenever I’m around, I feel a piece of my father David. From a young age all I heard about was “Sanyu” your bundle of joy and now I get to experience the bright light she is. Even Jaja Catherine would always talk about Nini, Bubu, Sanyu because we are all close in age but most importantly we are your muzukulus. I know that made you, Jaja Marjorie and Jaja Catherine proud grandmothers! Thank you for them because in them I have family; a true gift. Fortunately, I also got to experience the good friend you are as an adult.

You demonstrated honour so well in our relationship and you never demanded it! Quite unusual in some aspects of our culture because it is usually the young who practically display honour to the elders. During one of our many conversations, I remember you explaining that we all deserve honour regardless of our differences, ages, backgrounds and nationalities. You bridged the gap across generations and remained as youthful as ever. Easy to talk to. Humorous and spontaneous. Lunch dates, home visits and day trips were always enjoyable with you. Thank you for always being so hospitable.

You took so much pride in family and oneness. Just like Jaja Catherine and Jaja Naume you always spoke of family members so highly. Unity, quality time, togetherness is all I saw you speak of and practically do. You’d introduce me to your beautiful friends, extended family and great people because you always wanted the greatness in every individual to be experienced. That I truly value and aspire to embody as well as you did. Thank you for upholding great principles and values to pass on to generations after you.

There was a time, when I expressed how much I would love to do some charity work or explore support organisations and as soon as I mentioned it, within a couple days you invited me to visit the ‘Kampala School for the Physically Handicapped’ along with Mrs Joy Mwesigwa. I had such an amazing time with the youth and children making jewellery. Even in that moment, I got to see your workmanship, which filled my heart and inspired me uniquely. I didn’t want to leave the school that day. Everybody was so beautiful at the school and I could see the impact you had on the students from how they interacted with you.

Thank you for loving my sons Nicholas, Malachi and Noël. You always encouraged me as a mother with stories and lessons from your motherhood experience. You never judged me or showed any disappointment but rather you uplifted me and took pride in us. I wish we had more, somehow I always thought we’d have more.
Catherine "Bubu" Kisumba
June 1, 2024
Tribute to my amazing Maama.
To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die, you will always be fondly remembered by my children and I. Your love for family, zest for life, resilience, fierce intolerance of laziness and self pity are all lessons that will live with us for ever.
Thank you for loving me and my children. We are grateful to God for having put you in our lives.
Welaba Maama wange. Adieu Jajja.
Christine Nakirya
May 31, 2024
Auntie Adelina thank you for being a true friend to our mother right from your Gayaza days. Through that friendship you became a second mother to us. Your love and energy have been a beacon of hope in our family. We have fond memories of you and we will miss you dearly
Ba Muwanga e Mutundwe
May 30, 2024
Remembering Mrs Adelina Lubogo…Auntie/Maama/Jajja. May the Lord heal the brokenhearted. “He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds.”
‭‭(Psalms‬ ‭147‬:‭3‬ ‭NIVUK‬‬) 😭🙏🏾
Andrew, Sarah, Eryna & Caitlin
Family Kisumba
May 29, 2024
You will be greatly missed
Mabel Sarah Lubogo
May 29, 2024
"As I reflect on the trajectory of my existence, I have come to grasp the profound significance of knowing the resurrected Christ. The power of His resurrection has irradiated my being, illuminating the depths of my soul and transfiguring my life's purpose. In the words of the apostle Paul, I have sought to know Christ, to partake in the fellowship of His sufferings, and to be conformed to His death, that I might attain the resurrection from the dead. Through my experiences and achievements, I have come to understand that any virtue or excellence in me is a testament to His boundless grace, while my frailties and shortcomings are mine alone to acknowledge. I am persuaded that the very raison d'être of my birth is to have known Him, and I am resolute in dedicating the remainder of my days to serving Him alone. For my eyes have beheld the resplendent glory of the Lord, and I am among men most blessed, called to radiate His light in a world in need of His love and redemption."
Isaac Christopher Lubogo
May 29, 2024
I first met Mrs. Lubogo through the International Womens Organization many years ago. From the get go, she was very warm, loving and welcoming. I later became very close to her through her cousin, the late Mrs. Catherine Kisumba. Since then, we became good friends. Through the years, I have learnt so much from Mrs.Lubogo.We shared a love for flowers, plants and nature. We checked on each other often and for many months, she talked about wanting to come and visit us in Mbarara. That wish finally materialized on May 22nd 2024. Little did I know she was coming to say goodbye forever. We had a very wonderful 3 days together and Adelina was so joyful and active throughout the visit. We had a very wonderful and memorable time that I will cherish forever. I was extremely saddened and devastated at her sudden passing in the early morning hours of May 24th 2024. God's ways are not our ways. I thank our heavenly for giving me such a wonderful mentor and friend. Ivan and your family,we love you and we are here for you and I will keep in touch.I often referred to her as Mrs Lubogo when we spoke due to the high level of respect I had for her. Rest in eternal glory Mrs.Lubogo. I miss you so much already.
Freda Rutega
May 29, 2024
Nga tuli e Wanyange ne baaba wange .Twaali tugenze okusiimba ebimuli.Awo weyagamba okumuziika next to Dorothy RIP.----My sister, my friend my mentor/my counsellor. A beautiful heart full of love for the valunalable community .A teacher who was always willing to educate. I will always miss you. But l am comforted by the fact that you're in the hands of your creator. AMEN.

Lwenali naye awo,yangamba ebigambo bino.......Munange bwolabanga ku Ivan,oba ndi mulamu,oba nga mpumudde,omwebazaanga.Andabiridde ,ankoledde buli kirungi.Sirina kujula kwona.He has made me live like a queen!. These were her words in Luganda and English. Thank you Ivan for being an exemplary caring son to my baaba. She has rested with peace in her heart. BE ABUNDANTLY BLESSED ALWAYS. AMEN..REST IN PEACE MY FRIEND ADELLENA.
Margaret Nanteza


Please join us to pay tribute to Mama/ Ssenga/ Jajja Adalina.
We will come together to remember and pay tribute to the wonderful person she was to all of us. While we mourn her, we also aim to cherish the moments shared and the joy she brought into our lives. Your presence would mean a great deal to us during this time of remembrance and reflection.
St Paul's Cathedral, Namirembe
Saturday 1st June 2024 04:00pm
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