Mrs Adassa (Joyce) Pink

June  1st, 1939 April  24th, 2024
Mrs Adassa (Joyce) Pink

It's the road for us all.


 Adassa Pink, devoted wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, sincere friend and devout Christian, began the return journey to be  with the faithful in Heaven on Wednesday 24th April 2024 at the grand age of 84.

Born on 1st June 1939 in Clarendon, one of the 14 parishes belonging to the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica.
Mummy's childhood involved a strict Jamaican education where Mum would flourish before a prolonged and sudden illness would prevent her from returning to school. There were many times, however, when travelling to and from school meant passing the stream, where the temptation to take a dip in the crystal clear water would ultimately win the day.

Mummy was an only child for 12 years, before the arrival of her brother Carlton.

Mummy would follow in her fathers' footstep and was an accomplished Dressmaker.

In 1960, like many others of the 'Windrush Generation', mummy would make the move to London, England.

Mummy would marry Brenton Samuel Pink in 1961 and their union of two soon became three with the arrival in 1962 of Vernica, their 1st child of eight.

Mummy initially worked as an Auxiliary Nurse with a view to becoming a fully registered nurse, although this was not realised due to circumstances. Mum would go on to work as part of the catering team at South East London College. This of course comes as no surprise, as Mum had excellent culinary acumen, from baking homemade Hard Dough bread, to the family favourite Pea Soup.
(The hard dough bread would be left covered on the table to cool down before being placed in the cupboard - as children, we would steal into the kitchen at night, slice massive wedges and drizzle with condense milk).

Mum would later go on to be a Carer - providing bespoke service to many patients in the SE London area, who would ultimately become life long friends.

The Christian faith meant more than idle words for mummy, it was a way of life!
Mummy gave her life to Christ as a teenager (while in Jamaica) and became a member of St Peter's Hall, Cranfield Road, later moving to COGIC Brockley, where mummy was a popular member of the church and would often be requested to lift up that beautiful gift of a singing voice. 

Mummy stayed true to the saying "God and Fear do not occupy the same space" - and was fearless in the face of any and all trials.
Mummy loved to travel - visiting Jamaica, Grenada, Barbados, USA, Greece to name a few of the numerous places - mum absolutely loved Greece (Rhodes).
Mummy could tell a story - The level of detail included in any story required a keen memory and Mum was adept at anecdotal stories.
Mummy was stylish - you would only need to see the outfits when going on an evening out and especially Church, plenty chins were wagged and heads turned, "eh eh - coo Mrs Pink".
Mummy was independent - "Mother has, Father has, but God bless the child that has her own."
Mummy loved her family - always advising to stay on the path less travelled, the straight and narrow, reminding us to mind the company we keep and put away some money and buy a lickle place.
Mummy loved her friends - if mum had your phone number, you were guaranteed to receive a call to find out how you are and to give you words of encouragement.
Mummy loved God - Sunday you would find mum in church, as children we had the joy of volunteering to go to Sunday School although the highlight was going to the conventions, Fentiman Road, Luton, Birmingham, Wales etc. When the spirit would tek (sic) mum, you would see the hands behind the back and the knees bending in unison and the "Hoooooo" coming from her mouth, as the tears streamed from her eyes.

Mum is now 'Wading in the water'.

We thank you for your commitment to what is right and we honour you Mother.

Rest in Eternal Everlasting Peace.


June 1st
Born in Clarendon, Jamaica
Travel to London, England to settle
Vernica born
Albert born
Karen born
Margaret born
Jacqueline born
Densley born
Lundy born
Lorna born
April 24th
Mum ascended

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June 15, 2024
May your Mother Rest in Eternal Peace.
So sorry I missed the funeral,
Sending my deepest condolence to all the family during this sad and difficult time.
She was a very special lady who will be very missed by all who knew her.
Annastasia Demetriou
June 15, 2024
In memory of our dear cousin affectionately known to us as Sis Joyce Woolley. On behalf of my brothers, sister and myself we would like to thank you for all your support when our parents died. Three & half years ago you travelled to Birmingham to support us and in your fashion whether you were on the programme or not you insist a space was given to you so you could sing. There was no denying you this. She then asked all the family the line up so she could get to know the younger ones this was important to keep everyone close .. I felt especially close to you as it seem we were the only family in Lewisham. We would visit each other and share news about the family. I thank you Aunt Joyce for your motherly support. I shall miss sharing your Fish & Chips Lundy would bring for you. Thank you for drawing us together year after year with the phone calls and the visits.
Though we grieve for you, in our hearts you will remain, we will honor your memory in each act and word.
Rest now dear cousin, in peace and in love,
With the Lord whom you served, in heaven above
Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure
Loved beyond words, and missed beyond measure ❤
From Faye and your family in Birmingham
Faye Woolley
June 15, 2024
Rest well my beloved mother,you will forever be in my heart always.
Karen Pink
June 15, 2024
Sis Pink would give me the warmest hugs after church service and I loved hearing her sing and she even sang at Pastor Emeritus Baileys appreciation it was so lovely and always touched my heart she was an anointed woman I will cherish these memories.
Sasha Williams
June 15, 2024
Mrs Pink you surely will be missed here at the Whitehouse and coming up to us for a cuppa no more curried goat I can make it I have not got a clue. But as my mum which is what I called you and you never minded. We will miss you but fondly remember you. RIP Mrs Pink love val and Bill xx
Val Baterip
June 15, 2024
Mrs Adassa Pink Eulogy (Part 4)

Prayer Warrior

Mum along with Sister Brown, Sister Facey and Sister Grant would make sure that those that needed prayer would receive a visit, leaving no one out.

If this was not done in person it was done over the phone – which I can attest to whenever I went to visit Mum – she was always on the phone making sure everyone was ok and reminding them that she will pray for you.


To truncate 84 years and change of Mums life into a 20 minute Eulogy is to cheat Mum of the joy that she brought to so many people who's life she has touched.

Such as......

Making the journey from Jamaica to the UK alone with no siblings - but never forgetting her roots.

The joy of moving into Loampit Hill, the house on the corner of Somerset Gardens, very apt.

Visiting each of the children when they left the home, especially if they bore children, this would mean travel to Maidstone, Borough, Streatham, Peckham, Thornton Heath, Gravesend, Wallington, Bermondsey, Slough, Hitchin, Grove Park, Catford, Sydenham & Croydon

Having 8 children and having to endure the heartache and loss of her beautiful daughter, our sister Jacqueline 7 years ago and at the same time losing her husband, our father of almost 60 years,

The difficult years of the 70’s where candles were commonplace due to the electricity cuts and food being scarce.

The climate, a new environment, a different way of life, a new culture, the government of this country, discrimination on the streets and in the workplace.

How Mum could not do enough for her grandchildren reveling in their company.

How Mum loved travelling to the Theatre with family watching performances such as, The Big Life, Tina The Musical, The Lion King & The Book Of Mormon

Somehow being ever present!

Mum’s zest for life and love of good food.

Never losing her faith in God and making sure that all who needed help received help where it was possible to do so.

Mum was and is a shining example, of womanhood, being a mother, a Christian, a leader, a stalwart, a pillar in any undertaking, a carer, an educator, a disciplinarian, a one of a kind never to be replicated.

I love and miss you everyday, we miss and love you everyday.

Mrs Adassa Pinks legacy lives on through Vernica, Albert, Karen, Margaret, Densley, Lundy & Lorna as well as 15 Grand Children and 21 Great Grandchildren.

I end with a quote from Proverbs 13 verse 12: Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is the tree of life.
Lundy Deval
June 15, 2024
Mrs Adassa Pink Eulogy (Part 3)

Mum embraced the scripture, sights, sounds, culture and food while being in the holy land. Mum has the nickname prayer warrior as she would meet with friends and would pray before she would leave to come home.

Travel to Greece

In 2007 Mum travelled with myself and her niece (my cousin) Esta to Rhodes – Greece), this was the start of Mums love of Greece as she was given the royal treatment as I introduced Mum to many of the people I worked with while being based abroad.

A highlight was making the journey from the Hotel located in Ixia to Rhodes Town Centre by foot (appox 4.2km/2.6m) - the majority of which was done on the beach beside the Aegean with the imposing landscape of Turkey to our left.

Mum turned 68 years young on this holiday and put me to shame with her levels of fitness.

Rhodes 2008

Mum returned to Rhodes in 2008 - this time with her grandson Byron and me.

While there we explored more of the places that we did not get to see the year before - and were also invited as VIP guests at both 5 Star Hotels Olympic Palace & Electra Palace.

80th Birthday

In 2019 Mum was treated to 5 Star luxury as we travelled back to Rhodes - this time with an entourage of 13.

The highlight was the birthday dinner which was held at the A La Carte restaurant, situated beside the outdoor swimming pool - here we had exclusive use of the facilities and the maitre’d fussing over us, which included a delicious chocolate cake. I can honestly say I saw joy in my Mums eyes that will stay with me till my last breath - to be surrounded by family and friends!


Mum would travel to Barbados with Deacon Payne and his daughter Rosalyn in 2022 to attend Evangelist Lynch's funeral – COVID restrictions were still in force and there were a few hiccups before they were all able to board the plane, stopping in Canada for a layover before arriving safely in Barbados.

There are numerous other places that Mum has travelled including Guernsey, Grenada, Margate and many more...
Lundy Deval
June 15, 2024
Mrs Adassa Pink Eulogy (Part 2)

Mum also worked in Lewisham College as part of the catering team, this would benefit not only the staff and students in the college, as we knew how Mum knew her way around a kitchen, but for those of us at home, Mum would bring a few treats for us to enjoy – in particular the sausage rolls.

Mum would then return to her first love which is caring for people, travelling (what seemed to be) the length and breadth of Southeast London, which it can be argued Mum knew like the back of her hand.

This would include places like Sydenham, Catford, Lewisham, Brockley, Honor Oak, Forest Hill, New Cross and many more.

COGIC St Peter's Hall

Mum’s Christian faith would mean the search for a church to worship - after attending a few churches where the vicar suggested that ”her kind” was not welcome, Mum would attend the Church at St Peter's Hall, Cranfield Road and meet the charismatic Pastor Anderson.

It wasn't long before Mum established that this church provided the type of “old-time" religion that Mum left in Jamaica.

Mum would form lifelong friendships with the other members of the church - I don't want to call the many names as I fear I would miss some – however for those that have ascended, I can imagine that they are now sitting and sipping tea and catching up on times past.

Mum was also a member of the church choir, (and would give the panel of BGT a run for their money - as Mum had a beautiful singing voice and loved to sing).

It is fair to say that Mum soon became part of the church furniture, the seat that Mum sat in looks empty!!

Mum is pivotal to any of us in the family that have a love for travel ensuring that we were able to join the church trips to the seaside – corn beef sandwiches, sarsaparilla and people turning up late for the coach.

Of course we cannot talk about church without including Convention!!

A guilty pleasure of mine was waiting to see who would get in the spirit and make their way down the aisle whooing and stomping feet – at the time when it was Mum, it was a sight to behold with the hands at the back and a slight sway cum jig.

The church would relocate to the building we occupy now.

Travelling To Jamaica


When Mum would travel home To Jamaica where she would always stay with Veleta and make sure that she would visit as many friends as possible to see how they were doing – as Mum would say “I want to make sure that they are alright”

Mum would always make a point of greeting anyone that she would come across in Jamaica.

Travel to USA


Mum was a jetsetter – I will give a brief biography of the places Mum travelled (aside from Jamaica) and some of the highlights.

In December 2004, Mum travelled with Margaret & her children to Florida in the US (there are more than 25 countries where the name Florida can be found)

Mum stayed at a luxury house with a heated swimming pool which afforded direct access from her bedroom, this meant that every morning at 7am without fail, Mum enjoyed exclusive use of the pool for her morning sessions.

Mum would be in the pool waving to the people above as they over in their helicopter.

It was apparent to see how much Mum enjoyed family time, and once again the family benefited from Mum’s love of the kitchen – where Mum would be the main contributor and provider of delicious home away from homemade dinners.

When we informed Mum that we would be making the return journey to Florida, she always looked forward to it.

Travel to Israel

Earlier the same year (2004), Mum joined the church as they travelled to Israel

Mum thoroughly enjoyed it and was encouraged by Margaret who reminded Mum “to travel whenever she got the opportunity as she deserved it as we (the children) were all grown.”

Mum travelled to Israel again in 2010, accompanied by Margaret (her daughter)
Lundy Deval
June 15, 2024
Mrs Adassa Pink – Eulogy June 13th 2024 (Part 1)

John 16 Verse 21 “A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come; but when her baby is born she forgets the anguish because of her joy that a child is born into the world.”


Early Years in Jamaica

Mum was born in Somerset in the parish of Clarendon – on the tropical island of Jamaica on 1st June 1939 (3 months to the date before the start of the second world war)

Mums parents were Merline & Headley Woolley

Headley was a Farmer, an expert Tailor and would also play the banjo. Often found playing the banjo in the local dances.

He would later play the banjo exclusively in the church when getting saved (born again).

Merline was a housewife, homemaker and was also the disciplinarian, keeping all the children in line.

It is fair to state that Grandma had ”The Look” (we will learn more about the look later).

Mum was the only child for 12 years before the birth of Uncle Carlton, who was then followed by Uncle Nicky, Uncle Henry, Auntie Veleta & Auntie Shirley.

Mum had a typical Jamaican childhood which would include, attending Sunday School, chores around the home and a favourite past time of every child - going to school.

After school, Mum would make a point of going down to the river near home to play with her friend before going home. (Albeit this was strictly forbidden).

Mum would not finish school, having contracted an illness at the approx age 13/14 - thankfully Mum made a complete recovery.

At the tender age of 15 Mum gave her life to the service of The Lord and would remain a devout faithful Christian – no backsliding.

Following in her fathers footsteps, Mum would learn to be a very accomplished dressmaker – (this would hold Mum in good stead when later making the journey to London, England).

At the age of 20 Mum received a letter from her soon to be future husband, requesting she join him in London England.


In October 1960, Mum would fly to London Heathrow in the United Kingdom, where she was met by Mr Brenton Samuel Pink (my father).

It was not long before they got married - 1961 to be precise.

While courting, there was a time that Mum and Percy (as Dad was known in Jamaica) went to the shop to purchase some clothes, Dad said “anything you want go ahead and pick it up”, Mum would pick up 2 floral dresses, a couple of slips and a few other items – when they made their way to the counter and the cashier started ringing up the total, Dad made a whistling noise and said “that’s high”, Mum stepped on his toe and told him to shoosh and pay for it, you asked me to take what I want, and that’s what I want.

Two would soon become Three with the birth of Vernica in September 1962, soon followed by 6 more children within a ten-year period, with an 11 year intermission before the birth of the last child.

Mum & Dad would live at the following properties 67 Halesworth Road belonging to the Nelson family, 75 Halesworth Road belonging to the Lauder family, 106 Lewisham Way, belonging to the McLoud family, 28 Lind Street, 26 Geoffrey Street belonging to the Croft siblings, before the purchase of 62 Loampit Hill in 1967 from Mr & mrs Burr.

Mum was and remained very houseproud, ensuring that all the children wore clean clothes before leaving the house, and had changed into home clothes when in the house.

The period when the washing machine broke down meant handwashing the clothes for the entire household before hanging on the line to dry.

If any of us children got out of line or required correction, we would first get the look, then the word, then the “licks”.

Would have been easier if Mums name was Simon as was Simon says to do you do.

Times were not easy, but we never left the house without a full stomach.

To financially assist with the household income, Mum held a number of jobs, one of which would see Mum working in the healthcare sector as an auxiliary assistant.
Lundy Deval
June 13, 2024
I will always remember Sis Pink as cheerful and welcoming, whenever our paths crossed. She was a family friend for as long as I can remember, and a personal friend of my mother. Sis Pink will be missed.
Condolences to the Pink family.
O Grant
Owen Grant
June 13, 2024


To the Palmer family, Sister Pink was not only a Church Sister but a valued family friend.

I first heard of Sister Pink through my Mother well before I met her, as Sister Pink worked for the private home-care agency that my Mother used to assist her with her day-to-day living as she was in poor health.

Sister Pink and my Mother became firm friends especially as they were both Born Again Christians and came from the same Parish, Clarendon, Jamaican. They would say the same local phrases stemming back from slavery days which were handed down to them over the generations. Phrases such as “Tan Tuddy Gyal” which could mean “Girl Stand Still and Listen”. They would enjoy reminiscing over the old times in Jamaica.

I eventually met Sister Pink at Brockley Church and there our personal friendship begun.

We introduced each other into our wider family circle.

Sister Pink and her family would often attend our significant family functions such as birthday dinners and barbeques.

In return the Palmers would also attend functions hosted by the Pink family.

One of the most exciting and impressive event that the Pink family organised was in 2019, when a group of us holidayed in Rhodes, Greece to celebrate Sister Pink's 80th birthday.

It was a memorable holiday, not just the 5 star hotel experience but a beautiful location.

Sister Pink loved travelling. She would often travel with me to Spain and she made lasting friendship with the local Spanish residents. We would visit Spanish Cities such as Orihuela Costa, Torrevieja, Benidorm, Valencia and many more.

Sister Pink was a very outgoing Lady who enjoyed the finer things in life. She even accompanied me to the Royal Albert Hall and she thoroughly enjoyed the even.

Sister Pink was a faithful Church Member, one of the original members who helped to establish COGIC Brockley.

She had strong qualities of mind and character, always stood up to what she thought was the right thing. She had GOOD old fashion values which would keep you in good stead for life.

Sister Pink will always be remembered by her family and friends.

Violet Momrelle
June 12, 2024
Our deepest condolences to you and your family at this difficult time. Take comfort that she is now at peace and her legacy will be everlasting.

From Denise and Family 🙏🏾❤️
Denise Lambert
June 11, 2024
On behalf of my wife, Carmen McLeod and the New Testament Church of God Lee, I would like to extend sincere condolences to all the children and extended family of Sister Adassa Pink.

I hold very fond memories of Mr and Mrs Pink, having lived literally as neighbours for many years growing up as children. Mrs Pink was very loving, kind and helpful, and a good friend to my parents.

Even after my parents passed away, Mrs Pink would always still call me for a chat and to find out how I was doing. She was a woman of great faith who loved her children, loved her church, and she leaves behind her family whom she loved so much; and wanted the best for each and every one of them.

I have no doubt that she has gone home to be with the Lord, and we hope to meet again someday in glory.

Roy and Sis Carmen McLeod
Louis McLeod, Senior Pastor (NTCG Lee)
June 7, 2024
My Condolences to the entire Pink Family and friends of the beloved Mrs Pink,
I met Mrs Pink when I attended Lewisham college where I met my darling friend/sister Margaret who I call Pinky, Mrs Pink welcomed me into her home and I later found out we shared the same birth month, I had a instant love for this fellow June born, one time sticks out for me is when Mrs Pink stood up for me against my Dad an told him that I was a lovely girl who she found to be pleasant and kind, I knew from then she was an always be a Angel,
Mrs Pink sleep peacefully sweetheart June will never be the same again, lots of love your likkle dry cup Debs, xxxx
Debbie Alleyne
May 31, 2024
Dear Pink Family,
Our deepest condolences on the loss of your beautiful Mother.
Your mother was a dear friend of our family, I will miss her phone calls and words of encouragement.
May you all feel God’s love and comfort in the days weeks and months ahead she is now resting in the arms of Jesus .
From sister Valerie Simpson & Family (Brockley)
Valerie Simpson
May 31, 2024
First off I want to to say that our thoughts are with you all at this sad time. Sister Pink was a part of our family from from we were children, she has been vcey close to our mom, we frequently went to to the house, either to collect something or take. When. I had my son Darius she never stop ringing until I took him to her, and she showered him. In kisses,, the phone calls without fail to check up on you. She had a sweet soul, both inside and out. Well now Sister Joyce as we knew her you have completed your work on earth and your now resting with your father. Many you rest in eternal peace. 🙏🏽 Never to be forgotten. The singing will be missed. 💔Sharon and Darius
Sharon and Darius Oakley
May 18, 2024
Firstly I would love to extend my sincere condolences to the Pink family ( my cousin's)
Auntie Joyce was a phenomenal individual, each time she visited Jamaica she would make it her point of duties to come to Clarendon early in the morning to spend the entire day with us, just catching up. She will surely be missed " yard and abroad" she always have some encouraging words to give.
Renae Samuels
May 15, 2024
What a beautifully written piece showcasing how wonderful "mummy" was... my sincere condolences to the family at this sad time xx
Cheryle Brandon
May 14, 2024
Our deepest condolences goes out to the family at this sad time, lundy your mum & our aunt Joyce was one in a million, a woman of encouraging words strong faith & o true woman of God, & very considerate, whenever she came to visit us in Birmingham with lundy &, Margaret. We shared such lovely & enjoyable & memorable moments ❤️ together with great laughters 😃 & happy times together, Aunt Joyce will never be forgotten especially by me paulette, she was someone you could confined in, rest in peace Auntie ,we love you dearly but Jesus loves you more,he has eternal work for you to do in heaven, take your rest till we meet again up there in yonder love always cousins paulette , Val ,Ruby & family xx
Paulette Robinson
May 13, 2024
Please accept my sincere condolences
Jason Scott
May 12, 2024
A beautiful and kind soul, inside and out who lived her life to the fullest and made a loving impression to those that knew her. She will always be remembered as a lady of grace in her mannerism and timeless elegance in her style. Joyce made the world a better place and will be truly missed. “A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take”. Joyce will only be a heart beat away to those dear to her and will be very proud of her children to be the best version of themselves. Rest in peace sweet Joyce and never forgotten xx
eleni ioannou
May 12, 2024
What an amazing woman I loved that we could laugh at and with each other weekly. She was switched on for a woman in 80’
She loved to sing like my dad and promised to sing a song for me when we planned lunch. Sadly it didn’t happen precious memories I won’t ever forget her 🙏🏽❤️
Joan Davidson
May 12, 2024
A beautiful woman, inside and out, whom I am so blessed to have been able to meet and chat with. God has gained the most amazing, devoted soul.
Gem Davies
May 11, 2024
Sincere condolences to the Pink family. Mrs Pink was a special person to my family, whether coming to see my late Mother on Elswick Road and whenever she saw my Dad (Cas) a word of encouragement was given. She always showed love and kindness to my siblings Charmaine, Lloyd, Denise and myself. Special lady
Garcia Newell

Family tree

Joe Woolley
Margaret Woolley
Merline Woolley
Headley Woolley
Brenton Samuel Pink
Carlton Woolley
Veleta Woolley
Vernica Pink
Albert Pink
Karen Pink
Margaret Pink
Jacqueline Pink
Henry Woolley
Nicky Woolley
Shirley Woolley
Densley Pink
Lundy Deval
Lorna Pink
Carlton Woolley
Veleta Woolley
Henry Woolley
Nicky Woolley
Shirley Woolley
Brenton Samuel Pink
Vernica Pink
Albert Pink
Karen Pink
Margaret Pink
Jacqueline Pink
Densley Pink
Lundy Deval
Lorna Pink
Mrs Adassa Pink


What was Adassa's favourite Travel destination?
One of the many places Mum enjoyed travelling to was Jamaica to spend time with her little sister Veleta - No doubt many stories shared about time in 'H'England and catching up on what is new about Jamaica.

Another favourite destination was the beautiful Dodecanese island of Rhodes, which Mum travelled to 3 times.
What was Mrs Adassa 's favorite Music / Song?
Don't waste time playing Mum any genre of music unless it is Gospel.
That being stated - Mum did enjoy Tina Turner
What was Mrs Adassa 's favorite TV show?
If you were to call Mum at a particular time of night, don't be surprised if you were competing with the the actors from the TV shows 'Death In Paradise' or 'KnightRider.'
What was Mrs Adassa 's favorite Drink?
Well I know Mum loved a cup of Tea......Mum was also partial to Sanatogen Tonic Wine
What was Mrs Adassa 's favorite Book?
The Bible
What was Mrs Adassa 's favorite Quote or Saying?
"Is what you saying?"
"When you run from the preacher man, 6 men carry you back."

Church Service & Interment

God decided it was time for our Mum and Sister in Christ Mrs Adassa Pink to join His kingdom.

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance…"


Family, Brethren, Sistren and friends - The Pink Family would like to thank each and everyone of you that took the effort to be present in person and online for the celebration of life for our Mother, Leader and Educator.

The day was Glorious and filled with joy as Mum would have wanted.

Mum would only ask that each and everyone continues to encourage one another and stay true to the person that you are

Blessings & Peace to you all

The Pink Family
Church Service
COGIC Brockley Assembly
Shardeloes Road Brockley, London SE4 1DN
Thursday 13th June at 09:30


Grove Park Cemetery
Marvels Lane, London SE12 9PU


Club Langley
2 Hawksbrook Lane,
Beckenham BR3 3SR
3pm - 10pm
Wheelchair Accessible
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